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The Seamless Senior Transitions Purpose

I started Seamless Senior Transitions to provide the knowledgeable, ethical, dedicated and professional support I wish I'd had when making decisions for my father.  

As my dad's dementia progressed I wanted to find care that was delivered compassionately and in line with the principles that mattered to him.  I also wanted to see that his everyday life gave him the joys he would have experienced if he could be on his own:  a creek with ample wildlife just outside of the window, people to chat with over coffee and his pampered cat Murdoch in his lap while he watched Western movies on his couch in the afternoons. 

Armed with this purpose, I have spent years honing my knowledge of the needs of seniors, particularly those with cognitive difficulties.  I have obtained key professional education and certifications and spent the majority of each week in the field: visiting all kinds of communities, getting to know the residents and staff, and noticing the small but impactful differentiators in order to help my clients select a setting where they can thrive!

My "Why"

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Certified Senior Advisor

The Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) is the leading certification for professionals serving older adults. The CSA certification curriculum gives aging industry professionals practical, multidisciplinary knowledge, tools, and resources to help them serve older adults more effectively.

Texas Certified Assisted Living Manager

I have taken the same course and exam that's required to manage the communities that my clients are considering.  Being very familiar with the state regulations consistently helps me to provide the best possible advice and service to my clients.

Certified Dementia Practitioner

Supporting families facing dementia is close to my heart, so I have trained to become a Certified Dementia Practitioner - the gold standard in dementia education and knowledge.

Member, National Placement and Referral Alliance

As a member of the National Placement and Referral Alliance, I am committed to following industry-leading Best Practices and adhering to the NPRA Code of Ethics. 

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Seniors and the people who love them
deserve a seamless transition.

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