Finding the right senior living community for yourself or a loved one is a huge decision. 

Seamless Senior Transitions offers hands-on, free help with every step of the process.


We've already done all of the legwork - frequently touring all of the local communities, getting to know the staff and residents, and thoroughly reviewing the regulatory history - so you can connect with us and instantly be plugged in to the knowledge you need to make an informed decision for yourself or a loved one.



My personal connection to senior transitions started with my quest to find the right home for my dad as his dementia progressed and he needed care that was delivered compassionately and in line with the principles that mattered to him.  I also wanted to see that his everyday life gave him the joys he would have experienced if he could be on his own:  a creek with ample wildlife just outside of the window, people to chat with over coffee and his pampered cat Murdoch in his lap while he watched Western movies on his couch in the afternoons. 


Throughout my journey with my father I realized that I needed to use the knowledge

that I'd gained to help others going through transitions.  

Armed with this purpose, I have spent years honing my knowledge of the needs of seniors, particularly those with cognitive difficulties.  I have obtained key professional education and certifications and spent the majority of each week in the field: visiting all kinds of communities, getting to know the residents and staff, and noticing the small but impactful differentiators in order to help my clients select a setting where they can thrive!



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