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Is it time to make the move?

One question that's always at the forefront is whether it's the right time to move to senior living.  In general, it's best to move while one is still able to enjoy the benefits - social and supportive - of their new place.   While each individual's needs depend on a variety of factors, there are some factors that can be taken into consideration for an objective, measurable assessment of needs. 


  •  Does the person have a progressive disease?  If so, many but definitely not all communities will support them as they "age in place".  However, if they wait too long to make the move, they will be past the threshold of being accepted into the type of community they'd want to join.

  • Is the person isolated at home?  There are a wide variety of social opportunities at senior living communities - and it's not just Bingo (though there's plenty of that!). There's a place for everyone. 

  • Is the person able to manage their Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)?  Understanding these aspects is key to providing the right support and making decisions as to whether a move is necessary.  

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