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Your Seamless

Most of today's seniors didn't plan to go to assisted living, so they didn't make any arrangements for it.  When an injury or illness happens and it's no longer safe to stay home, there's no roadmap and they or their family are scrambling to put together a plan.  

Sound familiar?

Seamless Senior Transitions is here to get you up to speed quickly so that you fully understand the senior living landscape, you know what to look for in communities, and you have a short list of places that match your criteria.  You know the pricing, the inspection history, the management and have several data points for each community immediately so there's no wasted time. 

When you make the move, you're confident it's the right one because you were well-prepared for this!  

We believe that seniors and the people who love them deserve a Seamless Transition, and we look forward to serving you. 

Ready to
make the call?
Prefer to schedule a call or video chat?


With our specialized assessment tools we'll get to all of the big and little details that we need to know to make sure we get you the right care in the right setting.  With just a phone call, we'll have the information we need to make some suggestions and you'll have the knowledge you need to move toward the next step when you're ready. 


Short List

After our initial call, we'll follow up with a short list of options.  We'll take your needs, wants, budget, and the community availability into consideration so that our recommendations are actionable so that there is no wasted time or wild goose chases.  


Tour Facilitation

We can schedule the tours for you and make sure that your contact information stays private so that you're protected from annoying sales calls. 

Together we make a great team so we'd love to accompany you on the tours, help facilitate the conversations, and make sure that everyone is on the same page to reduce the chance of miscommunication, and take some of the pressure off of you. 

If you prefer to tour alone, we'll make sure that you have our form to guide you to asking questions you might not have otherwise considered. 



As we get to know your situation, we'll be in a great position to provide you with trusted, vetted community resources for any services that you need to support the transition. 



We're your resource forever, and we keep in touch with our clients.  Please don't hesitate to reach out if ever the need arises.

Our services are always free for seniors and their families. 
Check out our FAQ to learn out about that and more!

Frequently Asked Questions


How can your services be free?

In short, we're compensated by whatever facility you choose.  We do not have any "preferred partners" or "sweetheart deals".  We can work with any facility and have taken great pains to create a system where there's never an inappropriate incentive to direct you to one community over another.  

Although it's a free service, it's full of value and we encourage you to partner with us openly and in keeping with our commitment to you. 


How do I know what level of care my person needs?

That's where our detailed assessment, extensive training and years of experience come in handy.  As a Texas Certified Assisted Living Manager, your advisor knows the state regulations governing levels of care.  As a Certified Dementia Practitioner your advisor is trained to understand how dementia presents and progresses.  As a Certified Senior Advisor, your advisor is familiar with the gamut of issues facing today's seniors, including the disease processes that are prevalent.  As a Certified Readmission Prevention Fellow, your advisor can help you break the cycle of hospitalizations.

Furthermore, despite being broken into types of communities including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing, each community and management has their own philosophy and style that your advisor has observed over years of working with local communities. 

We take the time to explain all of the logic to you so that you can use our skills and resources along with your intimate knowledge of the situation to make the very best decision.  


Where do I start?

Facing care needs often seems unsurmountable, and usually the need for care arises on top of already difficult circumstances.  The first step is to make a call.  You may feel like you need to get your "ducks in a row" before you call, but don't.  The earlier you call, the sooner you can start getting relief and resources.  Almost every person who calls reports feeling incredibly informed, like a light has been turned on in a dark room, and with that knowledge comes the power to really start making a difference.  If it turns out we can help you stay comfortable at home for longer, we'll consider that a job well done and we'll be your resource forever.    Many people hesitate to reach out because they don't want to "waste our time".  Be assured that there's no such thing, and there's absolutely something you can gain today by calling. 

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